Website Revamp

Why Website Revamp?

Revamping your website is a great way to boost your conversions, improve the visitor experience, and attract more customers. It gives you the perfect opportunity to polish up its look and feel.

Your revamped website would have the staying power to last for years. Revamping your website can seem like a daunting task, but the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Yes! Website Revamp

A website is right at the center of operations for most companies. Almost all the different areas of the company, in order to function effortlessly, depend on the website on some level. A good website should go through a complete makeover every couple of years and developed continuously. The site’s layout should be updated regularly and campaign pages and landing pages as well as other marketing and communications tools should be added to complement the site.

Our Website Revamp Services

Site Audit

We begin with an audit of your current website by digging through absolutely everything on your existing site and determine how it’s performing.

Essential Redirects

We maximize on the strengths of your previous site and carry these over to the new one. We simply place new content in your existing URLs so you can hang on to those inbound links.

Functionality Test

We spend quality time surfing the pages as a customer would. How many clicks does it take to get from the home page to the product or services you’re looking for?

Quality Content

We offer the best content management strategy . We draft a detailed plan for your content in advance and carefully map out where everything will fit in the new website’s

Site Consistency

We make sure your customers can still recognize where they are when they visit your site. Maintaining the same typography, color palette, and imagery can help lend an air of consistency and familiarity to the new site.

Rare Redesigns

Your revamped website would have the staying power to last for years. We make sure it’s designed in such a way that you can update it easily within the existing framework.

Brief process of our website revamp:

Our website revamp service includes the following components:

  • Objectives
  • Participants
  • Tweak or Full Makeover
  • Current/New Service Provider
  • Choosing the design
  • Dividing Roles
  • Measurerability
  • Other tools

Time to Rebuild

If you think your website is a one-time investment, you need to take a tour of some of the newer websites on the Internet. You’ll be astonished.

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